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We have many different courses aimed at all levels of education ranging from certificate course all the way through to Master's degrees

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Our great value training courses represent an ideal opportunity to travel the world, experience different cultures and earn money along the way.

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All the qualifications in the world are not going to keep you fed or a roof over your head.

With that in mind we offer a comprhensive job placement service to all our graduates

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Regardless of whether you are reinforcing existing skills or starting a down a whole new path in your life you need to be sure the time you are investing in study is not being wasted.

All of our courses are internationally recognised and moderated by numerous professional institutions.

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What TEFL Is All About

Becoming TEFL certified is more than just a great career choice; it’s also a rewarding experience and a fantastic way to see the world. Our course graduates have the opportunity to teach English in any country they choose, the worldwide demand for English teachers is high, and TEFL certification can help you in your pursuit of a truly fulfilling career.

Our affordable online courses can be taken at your convenience in the comfort of your own home. Attend our virtual classes from anywhere in the world and participate in live sessions with our trainers via webcam while interacting with your fellow classmates. Becoming certified online is the perfect option for students who plan to teach English virtually.

TEFL International also provides course graduates with employment security, offering thousands of TEFL jobs and lifetime job placement services. Upon completion of your training with TEFL International, you will begin receiving instant notifications of TEFL job openings in your particular country of interest. We also offer qualified course graduates guaranteed TEFL job placement to ensure that our students’ dreams of teaching overseas come with the iron-clad promise of a job as an English teacher.

TEFL International, a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, has graduated over 13,000 students to date. We offer 24-hour telephone and email support for our current and prospective students to ensure peace of mind in the often confusing and conflicting world of TEFL, TESOL, and ESL course training. Here at TEFL International, our students and their careers are always our number one priority.

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Get Certified To Teach English as a Foreign Language

  • All TEFL courses meet or exceed international standards
  • All TEFL courses are independently validated and moderated by authorities in the educational field
  • Course graduates are certified for the best pay in locations across the globe
  • Choose from more than 320 courses available in 24 countries
  • TEFL International offers a Comprehensive Job Placement program

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TEFL International provides an exciting educational experience for those interested in teaching English as a foreign language. With TEFL course center locations around the world, our students learn how to teach English to non-English speakers, while immersing themselves in the rich cultures and customs of their host countries, resulting in a more holistic and integrated educational experience.

Training and certification through TEFL International encompasses the three major approaches to teaching English to non-native speakers:

  • TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • ESL - English as a Second Language
  • TESOL - Teaching English as a Second Language